Screen Writers Thank you Week

I’m going to try and stay uptodate with this and thank a Screen Writer every week. I have an appreciation for Screen writing that has been building over the years. for years now I have been attempting to write for the screen with not so good results. I really value the role screen writers have and the stories they create. It also makes me feel like they are under-appreciated and really need to be more visible to the world. They don’t need celebrity status, but the work of a writer in this age seems undervalued.

This week, I wanted to thank Brannon Braga and Joe Menosky. For their very creative work on the Star Trek: Voyager Episode “11:59” It taught me lessons about staying in touch with what I have now, and not focusing to much on the next best thing.

I think back on that show and realize that the writing is very inspiring. The crew and there interest in the past, of relatives long gone was a wonderfully surprising addition to the backstory developing in regards to Janeways ancestral history.


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